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Welcome to ERM Development Corporation

ERM Development Corporation builds high quality Townhomes in wonderful communities; our 35 year history surpasses the vast majority of our competitors. We live and work locally to these communities and know the area, the people and infrastructure extremely well. Our long relationship with material suppliers allows us to get high end materials less expensively than many of our competitors and we pass these savings onto the buyer. Our purchasers are often amazed at the quality of our build, our materials and the overall craftsmanship. The majority of contractors that we use have worked on many building projects with us, they know of the impeccable standards held by the company owner and his team of professionals. We do not skimp on quality or craftsmanship, we stand behind every single one of our builds, our name and reputation is extremely important to us and we intend to continue to work and grow these amazing communities for everyone to enjoy.

ERM Development Corp. has focused its operation on specific market niches. Therefore, ERM has always chosen in-fill parcels so that the homeowner would be only a few minutes drive from the excitement, yet cloistered enough to feel worlds away.

Our most recent projects include Lotus Vista Condominium a luxury condominium community in Altamonte Springs and Maitland Village Townhomes.

" I have been in the construction industry for 35 years and have built numerous houses and communities. The pride we feel when showing a family one of our wonderful homes makes all our efforts worth while. We take even greater pleasure informing future homeowners that the quality homes they have seen can be bought at an affordable price. Please feel free to peruse our website and if you have any questions or would like to see one of our homes simply contact our Sales Agent, Brenda Kelley. "

Eli Melamed, President & Owner of ERM Development Corporation, Inc.

ERM Development: Builder of Maitland Village and Lotus Vista Condominiums

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